I am 45, single, never married, no kids, and have lived all across the world. I was born in New Jersey, don’t ask what exit, no one really thinks that is funny. I moved to Peoria Illinois for a short attempt at college, after which I joined Uncle Sam and spent 6 years at Camp Air Force. While spending time with everyone’s favorite uncle in military and civil service I have had a chance to live in Kosovo, Maryland, Virginia, Texas, California, Arizona, DC, and Yemen (twice). I am now back on the east coast and living in Jersey City.

The pictures are and shall always remain my personal property and are on display for public enjoyment only. Any commercial use is wholly forbidden without my expressed written permission, not to mention a fee to be equal to half the gross national product of a nation of my choosing.

I also have two other pages:

Travel photography: http://stunning.photography

Scuba photography: http://myscuba.photos


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